„The power is in you, boy, you have done the most difficult thing – you have taken the first step. Tell me, why shouldn’t you make other steps as well?”

Central Park. The Land of Koe is a fascinating story about the creative power of imagination, the strength of friendship, courage and determination distinctive for every child. The book, written in a lively language, full of dramatic adventures, dark secrets and vivid characters will attract every young reader. Central Park. The Land of Koe tells the story of Patrick and his friends and their voyage across the Land of Koe, a magical mirror reflection of Central Park. The reader can find there, in a magical setting, places which actually exist in New York. The characters of the Magi are inspired by actual people who created this one of the most beautiful and friendly parks in the world.

The fairy-tale kingdom is a precise reproduction of Central Park, including topography and details of architecture. The dramatic adventurous quest takes place in a reality which is remarkably similar to the one we know from Central Park. The plot allows the readers to get to know the important and popular locations in the park while it takes the reader to a world of adventure, magic, the conflict of good and evil.

The main storyline concentrates on the adventures of Patrick who sets off to help the fairy-tale Land of Koe. The kingdom falls apart and the dying trees are a visible sign of the process. According to an ancient legend only a visitor from the external world can save the kingdom. Patrick turns out to be this visitor. He is accompanied in his quest by little gnome called Oggee and a brave girl called Algrid.


About the Authorolaf_small

Olaf Jarzemski aka Joe Windy is a traveler, mountaineer, happy husband and father of two children, Ola and Eryk. He is constantly looking for inspiration in the world around him. Central Park. Land of Koe, an unusual story for younger readers, is his literary debut. The author runs a marketing agency on an everyday basis and follows his dreams.