Central Park

1858: Central Park beginning

The 19th century New York grows very fast but in a chaotic manner. The city lacks places where the citizens, regardless of their financial statues, age, or race, could spend their time off. The city authorities decide to create a park in the very heart of Manhattan.

The decision to tidy up the grounds where Central Park is now located was taken in 1853. At that time there was a small settlement, inhabited mainly runaway slaves and migrants from Italy and Ireland there, the land was rocky and marshy. In order to transform the landscape massive amounts of rocks and earth were brought in. 4 million trees and bushes of 1400 species were planted. The construction last for fifteen years and approximately 20 thousand people were employed. The original idea was to recreate in the park various regions of the United States. It was also to include various places for entertainment and rest (e.g. ice rink, cricket field, restaurants, viewing platforms).