Village under the Red Oak

A half-day’s journey from the Portal you will find the colorful land of gnomes in the kingdom of Koe. A tiny square is surrounded by houses with thatched roofs. Each house is surrounded by a small fence that holds a tiny yard full of blooming flowers, fruit trees, or straight patches. The houses are colorfully painted, they feature paintings and sculptures, or are covered with Virginia creeper. The imagination of the gnomes living here knows no boundaries.

The most important place of the settlement is the Grand Oak that casts a shadow over a meadow full of tangled roots. On this meadow there is the tiny Oak House which seems to spring from the roots. It is the house of the Oak Guardian.

The Oak is the gnomes’ treasure. For centuries they have taken advantage of its riches and produced the well-known spice called zaratta as well as many other ointments and drugs of the weirdest purposes and strangest qualities.